News.               The 2021 first half fixtures have been posted, however, these are subject to COVID restrictions. If any member pleasure fishes (as per rules) and catches a fish they can have it weighed and verified by a fellow club member for the annual leisure fish trophy. If anyone would like to join this club they can ring a committee member on the numbers in relevant page. Congratulations to Chris Guthrie  for winning the 2020 winter league and to Steve Sherman  for catching the HF of the year - 7-02 cod.

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2020 winter league rules

Committe members


Chairman            Chris Guthrie

Vice Chairman     Mal McIntyre

Treasurers.          Brian Clennell and Paul Smith

Fixture secretary.  Chris Guthrie

Weigh Masters.     Brian Clennel, Paul Smith, Gary Hays

                              (any club member can carry out weigh ins if first back after match)

Technical co-ordinator.   Gary Hays



- All winter league matches will be fished from 19.00 - 23.00 unless otherwise stipulated within the fixtures. Members MUST fish these set times, and not fish 1 hour before the start of a match or after the stated finish time. 


- Joining fee for 2020 will be £20, this is due by the end of January 2020


- The winter league club boundaries are the north bank of the Tyne to Amble south pier ( Not including Amble pier, Tynemouth pier, Cambois pier and Newbiggin break water) plus any areas which have No Public Access. Fishing from Blyth west pier sea or river is allowed.


- Each member is permitted to use one rod at any one time, but may have a spare rod assembled without any terminal tackle attached. A maximum of 2 hooks only is allowed on any trace/rig.


- All members must cast for themselves, but may receive the help of any person to gaff, drop net or lift a fish, but must hook and play their own fish to the waters edge.


- Weigh in will be at Melton Constabe pub in Seaton Sluice, members have 1 hour to weigh in after a match, but if they have issues getting back then they will be allowed time (with permission off a committee member). If the club is fishing extended boundaries such as Xmas Fare, then the 1 hour rule will not apply and the safe return of all members will be deemed paramount importance. 


- All anglers should not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs in any club match or open.


- The first member to catch a single fish of 10 pounds or over in a club match or one of the stated opens will receive £50 cash. In the event more then one angler catches a fish as stated in the same match, the money will be divided equally. This will be paid at the presentation night. 


- All sand and hooks must be removed before weighing the fish in.


- Any tied weights in matches are resolved by quantity of fish , the most winning. If this is tied, then the toss of a coin will determine the winner. 


- There will be one payout for the heaviest fish of the year.


- The Barry Tweddle Xmas fare will be a heaviest fish match, and an angler can't win both the heaviest fish and heaviest bag. This match pays out 5 cash prizes, 1st being HF, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th will be heaviest bags. This match will be £10 to enter and the club will match the total entry. These weights will also count in the league weights.


- if any member finishes a match early, they must inform another member for safety reasons.


- Any member committing a breach of theses rules will be dis qualified and asked to leave the club.


- All club matches are £6 to enter, this must be paid on the night. The entry money is split, £1 pays to HF of the year fund, £1 pays to HF of the month fund, £1 pays to club fund. £3 gets paid out on the night, 1st and 2nd heaviest bags 60% - 40 %


- At the end of the year the top 5 heaviest bag total weights will receive cash payouts at the presentation night. 1st £100, 2nd £80, 3rd £60, 4th £40 and 5th £20.


- The heaviest fish of the month prize money fund will be divided by 6 ( number of months fished) and paid out at the presentation night in 6 equal amounts to the anglers who have won the relevant HF each month.


- Opens that count towards club weights, Newbiggin, Amble and Bedlington daytime open. All other opens do not count.


- Members must fish at least 6 matches in order for them to be able to fish the Xmas fare. 


- Legal fish sizes for winter 2018.

Cod.          35cm

Coalfish.    35cm

Pollack.     30cm

Dabs.        25cm

Sole.          30cm

Flounder.   27cm

Pouting.    18cm

Plaice.       27cm

Whiting.    27cm

Wrasse.   35cm

Haddock.  30cm

Turbot.     35cm

Bass.        42cm

Dogfish.    38cm

Ling.         63cm

Conger.    91cm

Skates and Rays.   41cm


The following fish are not eligible to be weighed in, Mackerel, Rays Bream, Dragonets, Lump Sucker, Sea scorpion, Blennies, Three and Five bearded rocklings and Eels. 

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