News.               The 2021 first half fixtures have been posted, however, these are subject to COVID restrictions. If any member pleasure fishes (as per rules) and catches a fish they can have it weighed and verified by a fellow club member for the annual leisure fish trophy. If anyone would like to join this club they can ring a committee member on the numbers in relevant page. Congratulations to Chris Guthrie  for winning the 2020 winter league and to Steve Sherman  for catching the HF of the year - 7-02 cod.

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Singles comp 2018

Draw will be posted asap





1. The top person in the draw is responsible to arrange the tie, there will be at least 3 matches in each round to arrange from.

2. All ties must be fished by the closing date for that round or face being disqualified, each round will be 3 - 4 weeks.

3. You must fish within the club boundaries and the same times as the club competition, as well as the club rules.

4. You can fish the singles comp as well as the club comp.

5. If both anglers have the same weight the winner will be the one with the most fish, if that is a tie, then who ever has the heaviest fish will win, if that is a tie, then a coin toss will decide the winner. However, the 2 anglers can fish another match unless it is the last match in that round.

6. If both anglers blank, they can fish again if there are more comps in that round. If not, then a coin toss will decide the tie.

7. The winner will receive 60% of the prize money, the runner up 40%.

8. All anglers must pay £10 entry fee by the start of the first comp.

9. One of the two anglers must inform Steve Sherman when the tie is to be fished, then afterwards inform him of the result. If he is not available then send him a text message (07951812624)

10. Any problems then ring Steve ASAP 

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